Auburn fans will celebrate team spirit, show their colors on All Auburn All Orange days

AUBURN – Members of the Auburn University family can show their colors this fall by participating in the upcoming All Auburn All Orange and College Colors Day loyalty programs.

Events begin on Friday, Sept. 4, with College Colors Day, a national movement in conjunction with the kick-off of the college football season. College Colors Day promotes higher education and celebrates the achievements, spirit and traditions of colleges and universities. Governor Riley has officially proclaimed Sept. 4 as College Colors Day in Alabama. The Auburn Family is encouraged to wear their orange and blue on College Colors Day to show support for the Tigers.

Auburn fans can continue to show their support at home events throughout the fall by participating in All Auburn All Orange. Established in 2004 to celebrate the unity and spirit of the Auburn family, the All Auburn All Orange program encourages fans to purchase and wear the official All Auburn All Orange T-shirt to designated events.

“We hope that the entire Auburn family will get behind this program and wear this year’s All Auburn All Orange T-shirt to all designated events,” said Jay Jacobs, Auburn University athletic director. “The athletic department supports this student-driven initiative and encourages all Auburn fans to support it as well.”

In addition to College Colors Day, upcoming events include Auburn football versus Louisiana Tech, Sept. 5 at 6 p.m.; Auburn soccer versus Missouri, Sept. 11 at 7 p.m.; Auburn volleyball versus LSU, Sept. 25` at 6 p.m.; Auburn swimming and diving versus Alabama, Oct. 9 at 5 p.m.; Auburn equestrian versus Texas A&M, Oct. 16 at 3 p.m.; Auburn football versus Kentucky, Oct. 17; and Auburn football versus Alabama, Nov. 27.

“The Auburn spirit is unmatched,” said Gene Chizik, head football coach. “We encourage the entire Auburn family to unite behind this program and wear the All Auburn All Orange T-shirt to the first football game.”

In April, fans had the opportunity to vote for the 2009-10 All Auburn All Orange T-shirt design and the winning design was announced at the A-Day game. The 2009-10 All Auburn All Orange design blends Auburn’s past and present and promotes the values of tradition, spirit, pride and family.

A portion of the proceeds from this T-shirt supports Auburn’s student scholarship programs and the Student Government Association’s Big Event program.

“What you might not know about the All Auburn All Orange program is that a portion of the proceeds from the T-shirt helps fund the Big Event,” said Jacob Watkins, SGA president. “Once a year, the Auburn SGA organizes students to perform service projects on one specific day as a way to say ‘thank you’ to our community. From painting to yard work, these Auburn students truly reflect the spirit of family.”

Last year, approximately 12,000 All Auburn All Orange shirts were sold, providing more than $15,000 for student scholarships and the Big Event.

“The money raised through the Auburn licensing program plays an important role in our ability to continue providing scholarships to our students,” said Auburn University President Jay Gogue. “Through the strong support of the SGA, the incremental revenue that comes from the All Auburn All Orange program allows us to also help fund the Big Event, a great initiative sponsored by the SGA. We are very proud that our students are willing to give a Saturday to perform service projects for people in the Auburn community.”

All Auburn All Orange shirts can be purchased from numerous retailers throughout Alabama, Georgia and Tennessee. For a complete list of retailers and more information about All Auburn All Orange, including the T-shirt design, visit

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