Auburn professor authors book on street-smart advice for college students

AUBURN – Successfully transitioning from high school to college can be one of the toughest assignments in a student’s life but an Auburn professor hopes to help smooth the process.

Michael Bozack, a physics professor who has taught at Auburn for 20 years, recently wrote “Street-Smart Advice to Christian College Students (From a Professor’s Point of View).” Bozack covers multiple aspects of student life, including how to choose a major, how to manage a schedule, how to study and even how to understand professors.

“There are a lot of students who come out of high school who are just not ready for college,” Bozack said. “That’s sad to me. These are important years of life for students and they should do various things to ensure their success.”

Bozack is best known on campus for teaching the freshman course, “Foundations of Physics,” called “Dave Letterman Physics” by many students, which he describes as his version of the television show, “Mythbusters.” He said he encourages students to treat class the same way they would a job by being on time, being professional and getting the job done.

“If I could boil it down to one thing, it would just be to develop a good work ethic,” Bozack said. “A lot of students don’t have that and have never been taught how to study or discipline their life. They hit a speed bump of professors who aren’t going to settle for mediocrity, but expect students to keep up with them, rather than them slowing down to the student.”

Bozack, who became a Christian during his undergraduate years at Michigan State, said his book isn’t only about how to succeed academically; it also advises students on how to successfully live a Christian life in college. Bozack said he thinks it is good for a Christian student to get involved in a local church.

“I think you need that spiritual input in your life,” Bozack said. “I don’t think it’s good for a Christian student to come here to Auburn and float. I’d say visit a few churches and then plant yourself in one because you’re going to need that boost in your life every week.”

Bozack has a doctorate in surface physics from Oregon Health and Science University and a master’s degree in systematic theology from Western Conservative Baptist Seminary. He has also taught a singles Sunday School class at First Baptist Church in Atlanta and now teaches a weekly Bible study at Cascade Hills Church in Columbus, Ga.

“Street-Smart Advice to Christian College Students” is available from a variety of online booksellers and may be purchased in Auburn at the Auburn University Bookstore and J&M Bookstore. The 304-page book is published by VMI Publishers.

(Contributed by Natalie Nettles.)

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