Auburn University posts highest enrollment and freshman ACT scores to date

AUBURN – Auburn University has achieved its highest enrollment in history this fall, and its freshman class boasts the top ACT score of any previous class, according to numbers released today by Auburn’s Office of Institutional Research and Assessment.

Enrollment is 24,602 among all students groups – undergraduates, graduate students and those enrolled in professional schools – which is up from 24,530 in fall 2008.

New freshman enrollment consists of 3,918 students, who compiled an average score of 26.2 on the ACT college entrance exam, outpacing last year’s then-record of 25.9.

This year 477 new minority students are enrolled, up 15 percent from last year’s 416, a number which includes all students of color. The number of new transfer students also increased, with 1,377 enrolled as compared to last fall’s 1,305.

“Our goal is between 3,700 and 4,000 freshmen a year, so we’re right on target,” said Wayne Alderman, dean of enrollment management. “We are extremely pleased with the caliber of our freshmen. They are among the nation’s top students.”

He added that the university has been working through its Office of Multicultural Affairs and Diversity to increase Auburn’s number of students of color, and the effort appears to be working.

Graduate school enrollment increased 4.8 percent to 3,689 from 3,519 last year; the number of professional students is 987, up 1.3 percent from 974; and undergraduate enrollment marks 19,926, down slightly, 0.6 percent, from 20,037.

“By capping undergraduate enrollment at about 20,000 students, and overall enrollment to 25,000, Auburn continues to advance its top strategic priorities – elevating academics and enriching the undergraduate experience,” Alderman said.

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