Auburn University education majors receive fellowships to Holocaust Museum Houston

AUBURN – Two Auburn University College of Education students have been selected for fellowships at the Holocaust Museum Houston.

Junior elementary education majors Emily Duke and Lee-Cassie Robinson are among 25 students nationwide selected to receive the Warren Fellowship for Future Teachers, a six-day, all-expenses-paid program in May that will help them learn how to effectively teach lessons about the Holocaust, genocide and other sensitive topics. As Warren Fellows, Duke and Robinson will be immersed in historical issues relating to the Holocaust as well as appropriate teaching methods. They will meet and work with Holocaust survivors and eminent scholars.

Robinson, a native of Huntsville, said she felt it was important for students to learn about the concepts of tolerance and diversity, and that she is looking forward to learning ways to present them in the classroom.

Duke, a native of Madison, said she is thankful for the opportunity to interact with and learn from Holocaust survivors.

The fellowship was set up by Naomi Warren, a native of Poland who survived Auschwitz and two other concentration camps before being liberated in 1945.

“I feel blessed that Naomi Warren set up this opportunity,” said Duke, a College of Education Student Ambassador and president of the Student Alabama Education Association. “It’s more than just seminars. It’s more than just having speakers come to town. This is a professional development opportunity. The more tools we can put in our toolboxes, the more prepared we will be as first-year teachers.”

The Holocaust Museum Houston opened in 1996. Among its permanent exhibits are authentic film footage, artifacts, photographs and documents showing life in pre-war Europe, the Nazi move toward the ‘Final Solution’ and life after the Holocaust.

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Emily Duke

Emily Duke

Lee-Cassie Robinson

Lee-Cassie Robinson