Auburn pharmacy school mixes music and prescriptions

AUBURN – Auburn University mascot Aubie recently discovered that the Harrison School of Pharmacy has a wealth of talent among its students, faculty and staff – not just for ensuring safe medication therapy, but also for using music to create excitement in education.

They did this by making a music video, “Video PHANTASTIC,” that uses Aubie as their patient. Viewers can see through the eyes of Aubie his own musical experience as he gets a prescription filled at the school.

The video is available for viewing at

“One of our goals in approaching this video idea was to build and strengthen the sense of community in the School of Pharmacy, while helping students, faculty and staff build relationships with one another,” said Brent Fox, assistant professor of pharmacy care systems. “Another goal was to get the word out that the School of Pharmacy is a professional school that prepares students for a serious profession, but at the same time we can have fun.”

These goals were achieved through preparation for the video, as well as during weekly committee meetings and during the making of shorter videos to promote the video, or VPVs. Participants included students from all four class levels, along with faculty and staff, as they lip-synched songs while dressed in an array of costumes.

Video PHANTASTIC (an acronym for Promoting, Harrison School of Pharmacy, Auburn, Networking Technology, Advocacy, Students, Teamwork, Innovation and Curriculum) educates the public on the school’s technologically advanced and innovative curriculum, Fox said.

The video begins with Auburn mascot Aubie being chauffeured in the school’s “drug bug” vehicle to the front door, where he then goes inside to get his prescription filled. The “drug bug” is a golf cart that is used to deliver medications across campus to university employees.

“The idea came from an e-mail that I received with a link to a lip dub, which is a video that combines lip synching and audio dubbing,” Fox said. “I got approval from our dean and approached a group of students about the idea. They thought the idea would be fun for our school; they took it and made it their own, and that is how Video PHANTASTIC began.”

Production started with Fox and a committee of 11 students meeting once a week for three months to discuss ideas and make plans. The students included Joshua Hollingsworth, Charlie Darling, Aravind Chodavarapu, Jarrod Pescatore, Shanna Howard, Chris Hindsman, Anthony Riccardone, Ben Ingrum, Maryann Birch, Brittany Ponder and Chris Newlin.

They also made VPVs to inform and get everyone excited about the main video.

“These short videos sparked a lot of interest and excitement, and really influenced the turnout we had on the day of filming,” said Hollingsworth, video editor and student committee member. The video involved more than 100 faculty members, staff and students from the Auburn and Mobile campuses.

On production day, they spent three and a half hours filming the video footage that Hollingsworth would edit over nine days into the final eight-minute video.

“The response has been very positive in and outside of Auburn University,” Fox said. “There have already been more than 7,400 hits and talk of another video this upcoming school year.”

(Written by Ashley Tatum.)

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