Auburn University launches fresher, more modern website

AUBURN – For the first time since 2005, the Auburn University home page has a new look. The site,, officially launched Sunday, Jan. 23.

The launch event capped a two-year process for Auburn’s Office of Communications and Marketing and Office of Information Technology.

“The new page is the result of the efforts of many people,” said Mike Clardy, director of university communications. “From designers and programmers to focus groups made up of students, faculty, alumni and others, many members of the Auburn family contributed, and each of them shares in the success of the new site.”

One of the first things readers will see is large, inviting images that link to stories about Auburn people and their accomplishments. The stories will be updated regularly and will include photos and videos. In the top right, readers can click on the new “Take 5” feature. A different member of the Auburn family will be highlighted each week.

“The new site allows us to do a better job telling the Auburn story,” said Brock Parker, multimedia specialist and the website’s content manager. “Before, we relied mainly on one-dimensional news releases. With this site, we are staying ahead of the curve by moving to a multimedia approach. Nowadays, people expect more when they log on.”

Drawing from feedback from the site’s users, the navigational structure remains similar to the previous site.

“We don’t want people to have to do a lot of searching for what they are looking for,” Parker said. “We know they are used to finding things in certain places. The new look – while much improved in design – allows them comfort in the familiarity.”

The new website also allows the university to stay with the times in other areas, including mobile applications.

“With mobile devices so common, especially among prospective students and their parents, we wanted to be sure people see us as cutting-edge,” said Seth Humphrey, information technology specialist and lead designer for the site. “We’ve tailored the site for enhanced performance in the mobile device arena, and we’ll continue to do so as we move forward.”

The site was built using more modern coding, and will allow for easier updates and future redesigns.

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