Project Vote Smart bus coming to AU campus

AUBURN – The Project Vote Smart bus will arrive at Auburn University on Thursday, Oct. 18, and will be parked near the Quad on Haley Concourse from 10:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. to provide visitors with information about candidates and the voting process.

Project Vote Smart is touring college campuses across the country to provide voters with what the organization calls the “Voter’s Self-Defense System,” a voter education project that includes non-partisan information on candidates’ voting records, speeches, campaign finance information and interest group ratings.

Visitors to the Project Vote Smart bus will begin an interactive learning experience with a short video about the project and the services it provides. Then each visitor will have access to a laptop computer and will learn how sort through the barrage of information likely to be directed at voters in 2008 to determine what is credible and what is not.

Project Vote Smart will be delivering the Voter’s Self Defense System in a variety of ways other than the bus tour. Members of the organization’s founding board will be speaking across the nation to civic groups, universities and other organization to present the system and explain the importance of informed voting.

According to the Web site at , the Voter’s Self-Defense System is designed to “teach voters how to defend themselves against the rhetoric and misinformation that comes out of political campaigns.”

Project Vote Smart is a national research organization founded by national political leaders of both the Republican and the Democratic parties, and is funded entirely through foundation grants and the individual contributions of 45,000 members.

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