Auburn University and University of Alabama student government associations to plant symbolic trees on campuses

SGA PresidentsAUBURN – The student government associations and student leaders of Auburn University and the University of Alabama held a news conference in Auburn today to announce a joint venture that will be an expression of renewed unity.

SGA presidents Kurt Sasser of Auburn and James Fowler of Alabama described the project planned for both campuses and how they hope it will create a permanent and visible representation of mutual respect for the age-old rivalry between the two schools. Both student governments will plant two sister trees on each campus as a symbol of the shared bond between the two schools.

“This joint venture was initiated by student leaders at both our universities,” Auburn SGA president Kurt Sasser said. “We want to use this opportunity to renew the sense of respect in this rivalry. Coming generations will remember our respectful rivalry and the common values that bind our two universities. Moving forward, I cannot think of a better way to do so than a joint project between our university and Alabama.”

Alabama’s Fowler echoed that sentiment: “Although we were terribly disappointed by the vandalism, we’re excited about working with Auburn to underscore the honor of the Iron Bowl. I know this joint venture will be a lasting monument to our rivalry for generations of students, alumni and fans to come.”

The trees will be planted at locations that will be determined by student leaders and administrators at both campuses.

Last week, Fowler and Sasser released a joint statement condemning the vandalism on Auburn’s campus and calling on all students to embrace the shared values that define the universities.

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