Auburn Provost names Constance Relihan Associate Provost for Undergraduate Studies

AUBURN – Auburn University Provost Mary Ellen Mazey has named Constance Relihan the Associate Provost for Undergraduate Studies, effective June 1.

Relihan will collaborate with associate deans, faculty, academic support units and other administrators and staff to oversee and manage undergraduate degree programs to ensure consistent implementation of academic policies. Working with these groups, she will promote undergraduate student success and retention by overseeing academic advising, maintaining course inventory and providing support for initiatives related to undergraduate education.

In addition, she will chair the University Curriculum committee and Academic Affairs committee and with the Office of the Vice President for Research, will supervise the director of undergraduate research and the academic director of sustainability.

“Dr. Relihan brings to the position strong leadership in providing opportunities for undergraduate students,” Auburn University Provost Mary Ellen Mazey said. “As associate dean for academic affairs in the College of Liberal Arts, she has managed the college’s recruitment efforts and orientation programs for incoming first-year and transfer students. She also established fellowship programs to support undergraduate research in the arts and a scholarship program to support undergraduate study abroad efforts.”

Relihan joined the Auburn faculty in 1990 and is currently a professor in the Department of English.

“I’ve been associate dean for academic affairs in the College of Liberal Arts since fall 2004, developing skills working with undergraduate student issues, curricula and advising,” Relihan said. “I’m eager to bring this experience to the Associate Provost for Undergraduate Studies position, and I hope that I can work with faculty, advisors and support staff, and students to improve the quality of the undergraduate educational experience.”

Relihan said she has a strong interest in working across campus to develop programs that deepen the intellectual experience of Auburn students.

“I respect students and their needs, and I also respect the need for academic standards and integrity,” she said.

(Written by Carol Nelson.)

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