Food Safety and Nutrition Tips for Holiday Eating

There’s no doubt that food plays an important part of any holiday celebration but this is especially true around the Christmas holidays. Auburn University has several faculty who are prepared to talk about a number of holiday-related food issues such as food safety, maintaining proper nutrition and the importance of a moderate diet and exercise. These faculty include:

Jean Weese (334-844-3269/334-750-2196; Extension Specialist, Associate Professor, Nutrition and Food Science. Can speak on topics related to food safety; homeland security in the food supply, food product development, starting a food processing business, obesity, and diabetes.

Robert Keith (334-844-3273; Professor. Can speak on vitamin C requirement; nutrition, exercise and chronic disease; sports nutrition.

Evelyn F. Crayton (334-844-2224; Assistant Director, Extension Family and Community Programs, and Professor, Nutrition and Food Science. Registered Licensed Dietitian. Has expertise in nutrition education for the public and for communities, nutrition and health literacy, food safety, home food preservation, diet, and health.

Robin Fellers (334-844-3270/334-821-0301; Associate Professor/Director, Dietetics Program. Can speak on food service administration; hotel and restaurant management; weight control.

Sareen Gropper (334-844-3271/334-821-0713; Associate Professor. Can speak on clinical dietetics; pediatric genetic disorders; trace elements, amino acid and protein metabolism; diet and exercise.

Contact: Katie Wilder, (334) 844-9999 (, or
Mike Clardy, (334) 844-9999 (