AU professors can discuss holiday spending, credit card debt, budgeting

Auburn University has professors who can discuss economic and financial topics related to the holiday season, such as holiday spending, credit card debt and budgeting. This time of year can create financial and emotional stress as consumers buy gifts and other holiday items. Often, this is done without forethought of the consequences to the person’s bank account and the family budget. Auburn professors can provide tips on how a person can manage his or her finances to have an enjoyable holiday season as well as how to plan for the bills that come due later.

Professors include:

John Jahera (334-844-5344;, Colonial Bank Professor, Department of Finance. He can speak on banking and corporate finance issues as well as a broad range of topics related to holiday spending.

Janice Caudill (334-844-3013;, Instructor, Department of Finance. She teaches Auburn University’s course in personal finance. She can also speak about economics related to small businesses and to the nation as a whole.

Lee Colquitt (334-844-3010;, Associate Professor of Risk and Insurance, Department of Finance. He is an expert on insurance and can address a variety of topics related to personal and business finance.

Beverly Marshall (334-844-3011;, Assistant Professor, Department of Finance. She can speak on national and international finance and about personal finance.

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