Energen gift supports Auburn University first-generation college students

James McManus
AUBURN – The Auburn University Foundation received $530, 000 from Energen Corporation during the school’s recent campaign to support two programs: Energen First Scholarships and the Provost Leadership Undergraduate Scholarship Program.

The Energen First Scholarships will benefit first-generation college students residing in central Alabama. “This scholarship won’t be limited to 4.0 students, as we aim to serve students who meet the university’s enrollment requirements and need a helping hand, ” said James T. McManus II, chairman and chief executive officer of Energen Corporation.

These scholarships include tuition, room and board, books and student fees.

“We felt it was important to provide ‘full ride’ scholarships so students will concentrate on their studies and take advantage of the opportunity,” said McManus.

The Provost Leadership Undergraduate Scholarship Program, or PLUS, also supports students who are the first members of their families to attend college and who also demonstrate financial need. The objective of the scholarships is to help retain students by providing academic and social support to assist students as they pursue their undergraduate studies at Auburn.

“Corporate partners, such as Energen, who share in Auburn University’s desire to increase opportunities available to all students are to be commended,” said Auburn University President Jay Gogue. “The gift of education is perhaps the most valuable gift one can receive and Energen is providing that for students who otherwise may not have had the opportunity to attend college.”

Energen is a diversified energy company headquartered in Birmingham focused on its growing oil and gas exploration and production business and its strong, stable natural gas utility.

Contact: AU Office of Scholarships, (334) 844-2320