Acclaimed film ‘Life is Beautiful’ to be shown at Auburn University Student Center

AUBURN – The 1999 film “Life is Beautiful” will be shown Monday, Oct. 3, at 7:10 p.m. in Langdon Hall Auditorium. Sponsored by the Auburn University Honors College, it is the first of five films in the Honors College Fall Film Series for 2011. “Life is Beautiful” was nominated for seven Academy Awards and won three Oscars, including one for Best Actor for Robert Benigni.

Guido, played by Benigni, is a charming but bumbling waiter who’s gifted with a colorful imagination and an irresistible sense of humor who has won the heart of the woman he loves and created a beautiful life for his young family. When that life is threatened by World War II and the Holocaust, Guido must rely on those very same strengths to save his wife and son from an unthinkable fate.

The theme of the 2011 Honors Fall film series is genocide – the deliberate and systematic extermination of a national, racial, political or cultural group.

No 100-year-period in human history witnessed a more widespread and catastrophic appearance of genocide than the 20th century, says James Hansen, director of the Honors College.

Small group discussions following the film will address the questions: Why? How did this happen? Why was it allowed to happen? By viewing and discussing these five films, the Honors College Film Series hopes to address these and other troubling questions and generate a serious and thoughtful student, faculty, and campus discussion of them.

The screening of “Life is Beautiful” is free and open to the campus community.

The other films in the series are “The Killing Fields, on Tuesday, Oct. 11, “Beyond the Gates,” on Wednesday, Oct. 19, “No Man’s Land,” on Tuesday, Nov. 1 and “Attack on Darfur,” on Wednesday, Nov. 9.

For further information, contact James Hansen, Director, Honors College, at 844-5862 orĀ

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