Auburn graduate programs achieve high U.S. News rankings

AUBURN – Auburn University’s graduate programs achieved high rankings in the newly released U.S. News and World Report “America’s Best Graduate Schools” rankings.

The Harrison School of Pharmacy ranked 25th among public institutions and 26th nationally, while the Samuel Ginn College of Engineering ranked 40th among public universities and 67th nationally. Auburn’s College of Education ranked 59th among public institutions and 77th nationally, and the College of Business ranked 46th among public institutions and 88th nationally.

“We are pleased that our graduate programs have again earned high placements in the survey,” Auburn University Interim Provost Timothy Boosinger said. “Our faculty and staff are dedicated to providing students with the knowledge, research skills and practical application to help them succeed in their future careers.”

Within the College of Engineering, the industrial systems engineering program is 15th among public universities and 21st nationally, and aerospace engineering is 25th among public universities and 34th nationally.

Civil engineering ranked 29th among public universities and 47th nationally, up from 58th; chemical engineering is 32nd among public universities and 51st nationally; electrical engineering 28th among public universities and 51st nationally; computer science and software engineering 29th among public universities and 52nd nationally, up from 67th; mechanical engineering 37th among public universities and 62nd nationally; and materials engineering 42nd among public institutions and 63rd nationally.

“I could not be more appreciative and proud of our faculty in their quest to enhance our graduate programs,” College of Engineering Dean Larry Benefield said. “The College of Engineering’s overall ranking has improved ten points over the past eight years. Given the challenge of moving ahead in the U.S. News and World Report rankings, the latest numbers are a testament to their hard work and tenacity.”

The College of Liberal Arts’ audiology program ranked 38th among public institutions and 45th nationally and its clinical psychology program ranked 63rd among public institutions and 79th nationally. Its speech language pathology program ranked 43rd among public institutions and 52nd nationally, while its master’s degree program in public administration ranked 48th among public schools and 73rd nationally.

The frequency and methodologies of the U.S. News rankings vary by discipline. Factors used in the rankings include: assessment by peer deans, assessment by corporate recruiters, mean GRE quantitative scores, acceptance rate, student-faculty ratio, percentage of National Academy of Engineering faculty members, doctoral degrees awarded, and total and average faculty research expenditures.

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