Alabama Legislature commends Auburn University for cyber security innovation

AUBURN – The Alabama Legislature recently passed a resolution commending Auburn University for its innovation in cyber security technology, research and education.

The resolution recognizes cyber security as a rapidly expanding field that represents economic development opportunities as well as challenges posed by potential threats from electronic attacks to government, business and industry.

“The defense and homeland security communities, law enforcement, financial institutions and many others face new cyber challenges every day,” said Rodney Robertson, director of Auburn’s Huntsville Research Center. “We’re eager to help analyze and guard against threats, protect sensitive data and increase productivity.”

The resolution was sponsored by State Sen. Tom Whatley of Auburn in the Senate and, in the House, by Speaker Mike Hubbard of Auburn and State Rep. Greg Wren of Montgomery. It noted that Auburn University’s “technology transfer, commercialization of intellectual property, active recruitment of cyber security interests” and partnerships with universities and the private sector will “help attract industry to the state.”

Auburn’s cyber projects are both classified and unclassified.

“Engineers and scientists at Auburn are working across the broad cyber spectrum, ranging from supply chain risk management and open source intelligence to encryption technology and workforce development,” said John Mason, Auburn’s vice president for research.

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