Auburn nuclear program named the Alabama Power Nuclear Power Generation Systems program

AUBURN UNIVERSITY – Auburn University has named the Samuel Ginn College of Engineering’s nuclear power generation systems program in recognition of support from the Alabama Power Foundation and Southern Nuclear. The program, added last year to teach the next generation of plant engineers for the nuclear power generation industry, has been named the Alabama Power Nuclear Power Generation Systems program.

The program’s 17-hour minor curriculum offers students a hands-on opportunity to understand the industry’s licensing, engineering and basic construction requirements, processes and techniques. Power plant models, nuclear power integration into the national electrical grid and common reactor plant operations are also featured in five multidisciplinary courses that provide an overview of nuclear power generation system capabilities.

“The Alabama Power Nuclear Power Generation Systems program provides engineering students with skills and training for careers in the commercial nuclear power generation industry,” said Bill Goodwin, the program’s director. “A minor in nuclear power generation systems is unique. The demand for all engineering disciplines is high and will continue as nuclear power plant licensing in the United States ramps up.”

Course topics include basic nuclear theory and operations in mechanical, electrical and chemistry control, as well as plant safety regulations and reliability and radiological health. Students go beyond the basics to explore the challenges presented by nuclear power generation, including safety and health regulation, engineering and construction practices and systems operation and maintenance.

Students participate in structured programs at today’s nuclear power generating facilities and network with industry experts while conducting site visits. The program also provides students opportunities to earn practical experience through internship and co-op positions with leading nuclear power generation organizations.

“Auburn Engineering is known for a hands-on approach in the classroom,” said Engineering Dean Christopher Roberts. “The addition of this minor follows our guiding principle to educate the next generation of civil, mechanical, electrical, industrial and chemical engineers for careers in the growing nuclear power generation industry.”

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(Written by Sally Credille.)

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