New policy will bar smoking within 25 feet of buildings at Auburn University

AUBURN UNIVERSITY – Auburn University will implement a new campus smoking policy with the start of fall semester on Aug. 16, requiring tobacco users to move at least 25 feet away from buildings to smoke.

The new policy will continue the current prohibition against smoking inside campus buildings while creating a smoke-free area around the perimeter of buildings.

President Jay Gogue authorized the policy change after the Division of Student Affairs reviewed proposals from the Student Government Association, the University Senate, Staff Council and Administrative and Professional Assembly for a more restrictive policy.

Eric Smith, director of the Office of Health Promotion and Wellness Services in Student Affairs, said the new policy is a middle ground between the old policy and one like those at a growing number of universities, which ban smoking on campus.

The new policy, he said, addresses the health concerns of non-smokers, who were adversely affected by smoke around doors and windows or smoke drawn into buildings by air conditioning systems, without forcing smokers to leave campus. While some faculty and students would have time to go off campus between classes, others, as well as many staff members, would not.

The policy’s primary goal is improved health for everyone, Smith said. He noted that, in addition to protecting non-smokers from secondhand smoke, the policy offers guidance to smokers who are trying to quit. Throughout the summer, the university has issued additional printed and online information each month to advise people about services available to help them break the smoking habit.

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(Written by Roy Summerford.)

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