Un-Supersize Me AU: The Dining Challenge

AUBURN UNIVERSITY – Two Auburn University students will participate in a weeklong Tiger Dining challenge this week to reveal the university’s nutritious and gluten-free options. Tiger Dining has partnered with Campus Recreation Nutrition and Health Promotion and Wellness Services to kick off its second challenge.

Beginning today, Anna Cragon and Eric Savage are eating all meals and snacks on campus for an entire week. The students will pay special attention to calorie intake, sodium consumption and measure body mass index.

“The purpose of the challenge is to highlight what Tiger Dining has to offer and discover areas where they can improve,” said Jessica-Lauren Roberts, Campus Recreation’s registered dietitian. “Each year, they will have the opportunity to make changes in provision of products, delivery and marketing of information, which is helpful to the consumer.”

In addition to focusing on healthy eating and budgeting techniques, Cragon and Savage will evaluate dining hours of operation and will detail their customer service experiences. Students can track the dining challenge through Twitter accounts @crazycrags and @isaywareagle, and found under the hashtag “UnsupersizeMeAU.”

“We are now able to give real feedback and real-time advice. The experience has taught us so much and also helped improve the services being offered,” Roberts said.

For more information about “Un-Supersize Me AU: The Dining Challenge” contact nutrition@auburn.edu or gg@auburn.edu.

To learn more about Cragon and Savage’s weeklong challenge, go to www.auburn.edu/dining.

(Contributed by Chelsea Payne.)

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