Auburn University launches ‘Ready to Sign’ licensing program for increased access to patent portfolio

AUBURN UNIVERSITY – Auburn University’s Office of Technology Transfer has announced the creation of a non-exclusive licensing program that enables rapid access to many of the patents in the university’s portfolio. This “ready to sign” model provides a listing and description of the patents, plus links to license agreements that can simply be signed and sent to the university for full execution.

“The Auburn University Office of Technology Transfer is committed to facilitating the commercialization of its technologies for public benefit,” said John Weete, assistant vice president for technology transfer and commercialization. “A rapid licensing model for select patents goes to that end.”

Providing pre-defined requirements for a license agreement expedites the process by letting outside parties know the basic requirements upfront, according to Weete. This eliminates what can often be a lengthy negotiation process, which may discourage some companies from executing such agreements. While case-specific negotiations remain necessary for many technologies to help maximize the probability of commercialization for public benefit, these patents have been selected as appropriate candidates for this simplified process.

The program offers access to 40 issued U.S. patents in a variety of categories, including electronics, sensors and drug targeting. Several groups of patents are bundled together by technology area into the same license agreement, allowing for customizable agreements where licensees can select only those patents of interest while receiving a discount for selecting multiple patents in the same field.

The office has established a website for the program, which lists and categorizes the patents:

“Whether for faculty-based start-up formation or for opening up a patent portfolio, rapid licensing is becoming a best practice of the licensing industry,” said Brian Wright, associate director for commercialization. “Offering up this many patents will make it one of the largest such programs that we are aware of, and we think that the customizable nature of the program will resonate with industry.”

Similar “ready to sign” programs have been implemented for patent and biological material licensing at several universities including Stanford University and Emory University, as well as at federal labs including Sandia and Lawrence Livermore.

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