Auburn Business Incubator launches virtual incubator program

AUBURN UNIVERSITY — The Auburn Business Incubator has launched a virtual incubator program as an expansion of its programs to assist start-up and early stage companies.

Located in the Auburn Research Park, the Auburn Business Incubator is a full-service mixed-use incubator managed by the Auburn Research and Technology Foundation. The incubator is a technology-based program charged with the mission of assisting start-up and early stage companies in being successful by linking them to a network of services from the university and community.

Since opening in May of 2011, the success of the incubator has prompted the development of additional services designed to provide further assistance to start-up and early stage businesses operating within the local and extended communities.

“We have an increasing number of qualified companies expressing interest in the incubator that we cannot accommodate with physical space when we are at capacity, so we developed the virtual program to be able to service their needs,” said John Weete, executive director of the Auburn Research and Technology Foundation.

Currently, there are 11 clients in the incubator representing a variety of business sectors such as energy efficiency, civil and mechanical engineering, software development, marketing and advertising, investment, fossil energy, web site development, IT consulting and biomedical. Three of the clients are, or began as, student-owned companies. Also, the Small Business Development Center is located in the incubator.

Participants of the Virtual Client Program will have access to shared cubicle space and conference rooms outfitted with high quality audio/visual and telecommunication equipment. Virtual clients, like facility-based clients, will be able to attend programs and meetings designed to assist with business development.

For more information about the incubator and its virtual program, go to the Auburn Research and Technology Foundation website at or contact Phil Dunlap, assistant director for the Auburn Research and Technology Foundation at (334) 844-7462 or (

Contact: Phil Dunlap, Auburn Research and Technology Foundation, (334) 844-7462 (, or Mike Clardy, Office of Communications and Marketing, (334) 844-9999 (