Auburn’s new multimedia e-book a unique resource for Thanksgiving holidays

AUBURN UNIVERSITY – The Auburn University Food Systems Institute has created a one-of-a-kind multimedia e-book that brings together a wide range of information about the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday, from its history to food preparation and safety.

“Our purpose with this free e-book is to create a comprehensive resource for you to enjoy, learn and use,” said Pat Curtis, institute director. “When we say ‘e-book,’ we’re talking about a fun, multimedia presentation that you’ll want to keep and refer to over and over again.”

The book, created with cooperation from the Alabama Cooperative Extension System, the Alabama Agricultural Experiment Stations and government and private partners, will be available through iTunes U, part of the iTunes Store, which features content ranging from language lessons to audiobooks for iPods, iPhones and Macs.

Information featured in the e-book, plus additional content, also is available on the Food System Institute’s Thanksgiving website at, which will be updated with new content right up until Thanksgiving Day.

All kinds of Thanksgiving recipes are easy to find on the Internet. What makes this e-book unusual is that it brings together history, interesting information about Thanksgiving foods and both informational and how-to videos. The book also includes chapters on food safety and planning for the Thanksgiving feast, as well as tips on using and storing leftovers.

“We wanted this book to be not only fun, but useful,” Curtis said. “If you’re not confident about using a meat thermometer to make sure your turkey is done, we’ve included a video to show you how. We’ve even got a video that gives you a birds-eye view of a cranberry bog, in case you’ve ever wondered where cranberries come from.”

The e-book and website contain links to lots of supplemental information, with recipes for everyone from the beginner to the seasoned chef and variations to suit every taste, from the traditional to the adventurous. The interactive website even allows users to post their own favorite recipes.

“You won’t find anything else out there like this e-book,” Curtis said. “We didn’t just upload PDFs – we created a complete multimedia experience.”

The Thanksgiving e-book is the launch of a series of holiday- and tailgated-themed e-books. To sign up for future e-books, go to the Food Systems Institute’s Thanksgiving website.

(Written by Jacque Kochak.)

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