2009 National Teach-In on Global Warming at Auburn University Feb. 5

AUBURN – Auburn University’s Office of Sustainability will host a public symposium in conjunction with the 2009 National Teach-In on Global Warming on Thursday, Feb. 5, beginning at noon in room 2222 of the Auburn University Student Center.

As part of a national effort to raise awareness of and focus discussion on the subject of global warming, the symposium at Auburn will include guest speakers, workshops, movies and public discussion about actions that can be taken by individuals and communities to minimize the effects of climate change.

At 4 p.m., James McClintock, an endowed professor of polar and marine biology at the University of Alabama at Birmingham, will speak on “The Ecological Impacts of Rapid Climate Warming on the Antarctic Peninsula.” McClintock has published 175 scientific papers and numerous books and has been featured in National Geographic Magazine, Smithsonian Magazine, Discover Magazine, the Washington Post, Wall Street Journal, Chicago Tribune, Los Angeles Times and on CNN.

Adam Snyder will speak at 5 p.m. on “Conservation Politics in Alabama.” Snyder is executive director of Conservation Alabama, the state’s only environmental lobby group, which seeks to ensure that Alabama’s legislature makes sound policies that protect the environment, people and the economy.

Beginning at 7 p.m., a selection of workshops will be offered that will focus on practical suggestions to help ameliorate global climate change.

Auburn University is one of more than 700 colleges, universities, high schools, faith organizations and civic groups participating in the National Teach-In on Global Warming. For a schedule of events at Auburn University go to http://www.auburn.edu/projects/sustainability/. For information about efforts on the national level, go to http://www.nationalteachin.org/.

(Contributed by Emma Mulvaney.)
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4 thoughts on “2009 National Teach-In on Global Warming at Auburn University Feb. 5

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  2. Mark Lane

    Interesting indeed. It is interesting that we have “an endowed professor of polar and marine biology” speak regarding the effects of “global warming” when it has been shown that the earth has been in a cooling cycle since 1998. “Over 650 prominent international scientists, including many current and former UN IPCC scientists,” have turned against the UN IPCC. “Nature, not human activity, rules the climate.” If we want to study how we can adapt to nature’s climate change, fine. But if we want to stop climate change, that’s folly. Quotes, other than from the above article, are from globalwarmingheartland.org

  3. Tyler

    We’re hosting a symposium based on the greatest hoax in human history? I would have expected better of my university.

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