Jule Collins Smith Museum offers membership in 1072 Society to support permanent collection

AUBURN – The Jule Collins Smith Museum of Fine Art at Auburn University is offering an opportunity, through membership in the 1072 Society, for patrons to help shape the future of the museum’s permanent collection.

With their contributions of $1,072, members of the 1072 Society will do more than promote the growth of the collection. They will also build on efforts begun 60 years ago, with the purchase of thirty-six works of original art at a price of $1,072, to establish an art museum in the Auburn community. Those works, the “Advancing American Art” collection, were installed in the Jule Collins Smith Museum when it opened in 2003 as part of the museum’s permanent collection.

Each year, professional staff of the museum will bring in a range of fine art pieces selected to add a new and important dimension to the growing collection. Through Feb. 21, this year’s inaugural selection of paintings, sketches, etchings and sculptures will be exhibited in the Wadsworth Gallery. The works in this selection include “E incontrollable Será,” an acrylic of a whale by José Bedia; and “The Ant Farm,” a three-dimensional acrylic and wood piece by John Buck.

A 1072 Society member’s annual gift of $1,072 will help fund the purchase of some of these works and the member will have a vote on which works should be added to the collection. Additions to the museum’s collection are subject to approval by the director and acquisitions committee.

“Your membership in the 1072 Society helps us to continue to build, one wonderful work of art at a time, a collection that will inspire and engage our entire community long into the future,” said Marilyn Laufer, director of the Jule Collins Smith Museum of Fine Art. “This is a wonderful opportunity for patrons to directly impact our future.”

The pieces that are selected this year will bear the credit line: “Purchased with funds made possible by the generosity of members of the 1072 Society of 2009.” The museum will acknowledge 1072 Society membership each year in the summer newsletter and also on a wall in the museum.

For more information about the 1072 Society, contact Cindy Cox by phone at (334) 844-3005 or by e-mail at coxcynh@auburn.edu. For a history of the museum’s Advancing American Art collection, go to http://jcsm.auburn.edu/collections_perm/adv_american_art.php.

Contact: Colleen Bourdeau, (334) 844-7075 (cst0001@auburn.edu), or
Mike Clardy, (334) 844-9999 (clardch@auburn.edu)