Auburn University’s San Francisco Campaign kicks off

SAN FRANCISCO – Auburn University publicly launched its San Francisco Bay area regional campaign on Thursday, Jan. 25, at the Stanford Park Hotel. The regional campaign is one of 31 that will take place across the country over the next year as part of the $500 million “It Begins at Auburn” fund raising effort for the university.

Prominent San Francisco alumni and friends gathered for the celebration. The campaign goal for the region is to raise funds for academic and athletic programs. Other regional campaign goals include keeping alumni engaged and developing leadership and volunteers for Auburn University.

“The regional campaigns will expand the number of alumni giving to Auburn,” said Bob McGinnis, AU vice president for development. “They will unite the Auburn family in a common cause to support our students, faculty, research, facilities and programs.”

The evening’s program was led by regional campaign co-chairs Don and Judy Baker and Terry Campbell. When asked about giving back to his alma mater, Terry Campbell stated, “I have always wanted to give something back to Auburn to ensure my legacy will be beneficial for future generations of Auburn students and to provide them with the same opportunities I had at Auburn. That is why I have made a pledge to this campaign.”

Don Baker spoke of the importance of alumni involvement in achieving success for Auburn’s current campaign. “Where the future of our beloved university is concerned, it begins with each of us and success will depend, in large measure, on the core group of alumni and friends who support Auburn’s vision for the future,” said Baker.

In addition, the student recipient of the Vodafone Scholarship in Wireless Engineering, Victor Rundquist, spoke about his love for Auburn and his appreciation for both his education at Auburn University and the scholarship that made that education possible. AU President Ed Richardson spoke of the importance of continued giving to Auburn at the event and campaign co-chair Sam Ginn conveyed to the audience the importance of private funding, specifically in the form of endowments.

“Auburn University is on its way to becoming one of the best public universities in this country,” Richardson said. “With the help of the entire Auburn family we will be able to further meet this goal.”

The remaining regional campaigns will kickoff between now and the fall of 2007. These campaigns will last from two to twelve months.

The “It Begins at Auburn” campaign encompasses all colleges and schools as well as the AU Libraries, Athletics, Auburn University Montgomery and the Jule Collins Smith Museum of Fine Art. Endowments for student scholarships, faculty, programs and unrestricted dollars make up 58 percent of the campaign’s goal.

In addition to endowments, the campaign will focus on facilities and equipment; campus beautification; research; and current operations. The campaign has raised more than $440 million, or 88 percent of the campaign’s goal.

(Contributed by Katharyn Privett; photos available upon request.)

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