Consul general of Peru to be honored at reception April 6

AUBURN — A reception to honor the consul general of Peru, Jorge E. Roman Morey, will be held at 4:30 p.m. Monday, April 6, in the Ralph Brown Draughon Library. The reception, in the conference room next to the main lobby, is being held in conjunction with the photography exhibition, “Qhapac Nan,” about South America’s Great Inka Trail. Auburn Mayor Bill Ham will proclaim April 6 as “The Day of Peru” and present the keys to the city to the consul general.

“Qhapac Nan,” an exhibit of 80 photographs on display through April 14, is being presented by the Office of the Consulate General of Peru in Atlanta in conjunction with the Auburn University Libraries.

The Great Inka Trail, known as the Qhapac Nan, is a complex road system that serves as an amazing example of pre-Columbian engineering. Included in this exhibition are color photographs and engravings that recreate this marvel of man.

Constructed in the 14th and 15th centuries, the trail is a sophisticated network that included two main roads running parallel along the western coast and through the Andes Mountains complete with suspension bridges, secondary lateral roads and a system of inns called “tambos.” The more than 14,000 miles of roads served to connect the Inka government to its vast territories that included parts of present-day Peru, Colombia, Chile, Ecuador, Bolivia and Argentina.

The photos in the exhibit are presented in geographic order so that visitors can “follow the road.” Beginning in Cusco, Peru, the photos follow the Trail around the Andes and through the high plains, the coast and the north valleys before returning to its origin at Cusco.

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