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Makeover gives new look to Parkerson Mill Creek on Auburn’s campus

After image of Parkerson Mill Creek in front of the new Auburn University Wellness Kitchen.AUBURN UNIVERSITY – A small creek that winds past the football and baseball fields and old coliseum of Auburn University has been transformed this summer from eyesore to outdoor classroom.

The push to complete construction and campus restoration projects before fall typically marks the end of summer semesters at Auburn University. A summer project this year was the restoration of a section of Parkerson Mill Creek that runs through Auburn’s campus near the South Donahue Residence Hall and the Beard-Eaves-Memorial Coliseum.

Through the years, this particular section had become overgrown and unsightly.

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Auburn’s John Fulton to use Alfa professorship to advance Alabama agriculture

AUBURN UNIVERSITY – John Fulton, a professor in the Auburn University Department of Biosystems Engineering and specialist with the Alabama Cooperative Extension System, has been awarded the Alabama Farmers Federation Agriculture Professorship, College of Agriculture Dean Bill Batchelor has announced.

“During his time at Auburn University, Dr. Fulton has embodied the university’s threefold mission of research, instruction and outreach,” said Batchelor. “It is fitting that someone whose work has done much to advance agriculture in this state would be the first honoree of this professorship.”

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Food Entrepreneur Conference to feature Auburn University experts on operating food businesses

AUBURN UNIVERSITY – An upcoming conference in Prattville will provide expert tips and guidance for current and prospective entrepreneurs in all aspects of the food business.

The second annual Food Entrepreneur Conference, Feb. 27-28 at the Prattville Marriott, is coordinated by the Auburn University Food Systems Institute and will include experts from the Alabama Cooperative Extension System, the Auburn Fisheries Business Institute and the Small Business Development Center speaking on topics ranging from writing a business plan and finding financing to product marketing and navigating a maze of regulations.

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Auburn University and Alabama Extension System researchers study harmful algal blooms

Under the right environmental conditions, blue-green algae can spread quickly in ponds, forming scum layers or floating mats.  Two Auburn University professors are trying to get a clearer picture of the factors that contribute to this condition.
AUBURN UNIVERSITY – The head of the Alabama Cooperative Extension System’s aquaculture resources team and a fellow Auburn University faculty member are working to gain a deeper understanding of algal blooms, those prolific aquatic organisms that are increasingly causing headaches not only for water treatment facilities, parks and zoos but also for pond owners and others exposed to these blooms. The researchers will use this heightened understanding to educate people about how they can prevent the spread of harmful blooms and to reduce exposure to them.

This effort is made possible with funding from the U.S. Geological Survey.

Russell “Rusty” Wright, an Extension fisheries specialist, aquaculture resources team leader and associate professor in the School of Fisheries, Aquaculture and Aquatic Sciences, and Alan Wilson, an associate professor of Fisheries, are especially interested in blue-green algae, also known as cyanobacteria, taxa known to produce off-flavors in public drinking water.

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New generations introduced to home food preservation by Alabama Extension System food safety team

AUBURN UNIVERSITY – Noting a growing interest in home food preservation, the Alabama Cooperative Extension System’s nine-member Food Safety Team is holding Master Food Preservation training throughout Alabama to introduce aspiring preservationists to the safest and most effective preservation methods.

Jean Weese, an Alabama Extension food safety specialist and Auburn University professor of poultry science, attributes the newfound interest in food preservation to the growing enthusiasm among many consumers for homegrown food and local farmers markets.

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Auburn researcher’s second discovery could be game changer in fight to control kudzu bugs

AUBURN UNIVERSITY – Within a few days of discovering a native parasitic fly that may reduce kudzu bug numbers significantly over time, Alabama Cooperative Extension System specialist and Auburn University researcher Xing Ping Hu has discovered a local egg-parasitic wasp.

The finding – the first discovery of a local wasp that parasitizes eggs of the exotic kudzu bug – could prove to be a game changer in the fight against this invasive species, Hu said. Along with the earlier finding of a fly that preys on kudzu bug adults, Hu said the discovery of the parasitic egg wasp doubles the frontline of defense using natural enemies to fight this pest.

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