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Alabama election turnout hovers near national average, early voting might boost rate

AUBURN – Auburn University’s Center for Governmental Services today released an analysis showing that Alabama’s voting turnout continues to be close to the national average and that adoption of early voting procedures might vault the state into the upper tier of electoral participation. The Auburn University study relies on voting and registration data recently made public by the U.S. Census Bureau.

The newly available data show that 71.6 percent of Alabama’s U.S. citizens who are 18 or older are registered to vote, just ahead of the 71 percent of adults registered nationwide. In the November 2008 election, 62.4 percent of Alabama citizens 18 or older voted, slightly below the national average of 63.6 percent.

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Ask Alabama poll shows Internet Web sites are the rising stars of Alabama news media

AUBURN – Although the majority of Alabama residents get most of their news from local television broadcasts, Internet sites are becoming players in the field of journalism and are challenging daily newspapers for the runner-up spot in the Alabama news sweepstakes.

When polled regarding the primary source for news about their region of Alabama, a majority of those surveyed (56 percent) said from local television newscasts. Daily newspapers and the Internet trailed at 15 percent and 14 percent, respectively, followed by local radio, chosen by 6 percent, weekly newspapers, 3 percent and friends and neighbors, 1 percent.

Noting the generational shift behind these numbers, David Hill, associate director of Auburn University’s Center for Governmental Services, observes that “there is a new generation of news consumers and they are going to the Web more often than their parents do.”

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Auburn’s Ask Alabama poll shows Alabama residents give high marks to their local schools

AUBURN – As local schools prepared to reopen across Alabama, Auburn University pollsters found a high degree of satisfaction with their recent performance. When asked to grade local schools in their community, the majority of a statewide sample of 639 residents interviewed by telephone in July assigned high marks: 25 percent gave their local schools a grade of A; and 36 percent gave them a B.

“These grades are extraordinary,” said Don-Terry Veal, director of the Center for Governmental Services that conducted the poll. “When the Gallup organization last asked this same question to a nationwide sample, only 46 percent of Americans gave their local schools a grade of A or B. That 61percent of Alabama residents do so now is a credit to the recent performance of local schools.”

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Ask Alabama poll shows residents look to manufacturing to lead economic recovery

AUBURN – With Alabama auto plants again churning out more cars and the federal “Cash for Clunkers” program drawing shoppers back to new-car showrooms, Alabama residents feel a turnaround coming. Auburn University’s Center for Governmental Services released statewide polling results today showing that Alabama residents believe the manufacturing sector is most likely to lead the state’s recovery from recession.

About one in three, or 33 percent, of Alabama residents expects manufacturers to provide the boost that brings back jobs and income to Alabama, hastening the end of the current economic downturn.

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Ask Alabama poll shows state’s residents have mixed views on the economy

AUBURN – Auburn University’s Center for Governmental Services has released statewide polling results showing that many Alabama residents are suffering through this recession.

* 42 percent describe themselves as “struggling to make ends meet;”

* 47 percent say they are financially worse off today than a year ago;

* 19 percent of the state’s residents holding home mortgages worry that they will fall behind on their payments;

* 56 percent see interest rates for borrowers rising during the next 12 months; and

* 59 percent see more unemployment coming during the next 12 months.

– Contrasted with these downbeat opinions, however, are signs of hope for the state’s economy:

* 55 percent of the state’s residents say they’ll be better off financially a year from now. Nationally, less than one-third of Americans asked an identical question by the University of Michigan in June said their finances will be better off next year.

* 58 percent say they are either “living comfortably (52 percent) or doing “better than ever” (5 percent) in this recession.

*54 percent expect Alabama to come out of the recession at least as fast as the rest of the country.

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