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Auburn University Parents’ Association Awards $12,000 in Grants

Auburn University Parents’ Association awarded grants totaling $12,000 to four recipients on Friday. The grants, in keeping with the AUPAs mission of providing both members and Auburn University with suitable programs and services that satisfactorily address both family and campus needs, covered a wide variety of programs across campus.

Overall proposals totaling $56,418.41 were received from eight organizations. The proposals had to include the effect of the respective effort as it pertained to Auburn, the student body, and reflect positively on Auburn. The interested organizations were given a specific format, including a page limit and financial requirements, to be followed. AUPA formed a committee to review each grant, whose findings were approved by the full Board of Directors. Committee members were: Susan Pendleton (President, AUPA), Georgia Bentley, Cathy Benton, and Tim Rhyne (Secretary, AUPA, and Grant chair).

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