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Auburn University’s canine detectors to sniff out IEDs, help protect troops in Afghanistan

AUBURN – Auburn University has entered into a two-year, multimillion-dollar partnership with the Joint Improvised Explosive Device Defeat Organization, or JIEDDO, to stop improvised bombs in Afghanistan by providing a powerful detector tool – bomb-sniffing canines. The Department of Defense established JIEDDO to “lead, advocate, and coordinate all DOD actions to defeat improvised explosive devices.”

Auburn was selected to produce these IED-detection dogs because of the program’s long history of success with canine olfaction research and detector dog breeding and training. The Auburn University Canine Detection Research Institute and Training Center is the only program associated with a veterinary sports medicine program and a college of veterinary medicine.

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New Auburn University canine detection technology provides latest in preventing terrorism

DSC_8928AUBURN – Auburn University researchers in the Animal Health and Performance Program and its Canine Detection Research Institute have taken standard explosives detection to another level through the development of their Vapor Wake Detection training program.

The Vapor Wake Detection canine team is a standard explosives detection team with an additional detection application to sense carried or body-worn explosives. The Vapor Wake Detection canine samples the plume of air coming off a person and what they are carrying as the person passes through a choke point or within a crowd. They can also detect an explosive’s vapor wake after a person has carried an explosive through an area, and can follow the vapor wake to the explosive source.

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