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Auburn’s Flying Tigers to conduct experiments on NASA’s Weightless Wonder aircraft

AUBURN – The Flying Tigers, a team of six educators from Auburn University, Auburn City Schools and the Alabama Math, Science and Technology Initiative, AMSTI, will arrive at the NASA Johnson Space Center in Houston July 20 to participate in the Reduced Gravity Education Flight Program. As one of only six teams nationwide and the only team from the Southeast to participate in the program, the Flying Tigers will conduct experiments July 25-29 aboard a modified Boeing 727 aircraft known as the Weightless Wonder.

The program gives participants an opportunity to propose, build and fly a reduced gravity experiment during free falls and to gather data in a near-weightless environment. The Weightless Wonder provides weightlessness for 18 to 25 seconds at a time by executing a series of about 30 parabolas – a steep climb followed by a free fall – over the Gulf of Mexico.

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