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Auburn University introduces English as a Second Language into curriculum for future teachers

AUBURN UNIVERSITY – This summer, Auburn University’s College of Education began requiring all students in the Department of Curriculum and Teaching to take English as a Second Language-infused literacy classes.

“When a school system rapidly changes in terms of its language demographics, this can be very frustrating for teachers,” said Jamie Harrison, who specializes in teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages, or English as a Second Language, in Auburn’s College of Education. “Requiring our pre-service teachers to develop the skills they will need before they go into the classroom demonstrates progressive thought and will make our graduates even more valuable.”

Nearby Opelika City Schools are seeing an influx of Latino students whose native language is Spanish, and Auburn’s schools are seeing lots of Korean students, whose families are here for the Kia-Hyundai industries along the I-85 corridor.

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Do they work? Nutritional supplement ingredients tested by Auburn University researchers

Do they work? Nutritional supplement ingredients tested by Auburn University researchersAUBURN UNIVERSITY – Auburn University researchers are testing the safety and efficacy of the ingredients of nutritional supplements with the help of a gift from 4Life, a company known for its immune system support products.

Faculty and students in the Molecular and Applied Sciences Lab in the School of Kinesiology are interested in nutrition and exercise and how they improve biological or physiological markers. The researchers look at specific dietary ingredients and how they affect different physiological systems both with and without exercise.

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Auburn student’s passion for American history, teaching, earns her a James Madison Fellowship

Erica VatellaAUBURN UNIVERSITY – During the July 4 weekend, when most people will be celebrating the holiday without a lot of thought about the history it represents, Erica Marie Vatella will be immersed in the study of American history as she pursues her master’s degree at Auburn University in secondary social science education.

Vatella was recently awarded a James Madison Memorial Foundation Fellowship, which assists teachers earning a master’s degree with a focus on Constitutional studies. Named for James Madison, the nation’s fourth president and the acknowledged “Father of the Constitution and Bill of Rights,” the fellowship is funding up to $24,000 of Vatella’s graduate studies.

The award goes to just one outstanding student in each state and supports the graduate study of American history by aspiring and experienced secondary school teachers of American history, American government and social studies.

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Auburn hosting transition conference to explore ways to help young people with disabilities gain independence

AUBURN UNIVERSITY – The Auburn Transition Leadership Institute will host its 24th Alabama Transition Conference March 3-4 at the Auburn Marriott Opelika Hotel and Conference Center at Grand National in Opelika.

The conference brings together parents, students, agencies, businesses, educators and policymakers who will gather to share ideas and work toward the goal of preparing young people with disabilities to live independently.

The Auburn Transition Leadership Institute, established in 2000 at Auburn University, is affiliated with the College of Education and the Department of Special Education, Rehabilitation and Counseling.

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Auburn University’s Gladden named editor-in-chief of College of Sports Medicine’s flagship journal

AUBURN UNIVERSITY – The American College of Sports Medicine has appointed Auburn University’s Bruce Gladden as editor-in-chief of its flagship journal, “Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise.

Gladden is a Humana-Germany-Sherman Distinguished Professor in Auburn’s School of Kinesiology in the College of Education. A Fellow of the American College of Sports Medicine since 1980, he has an international reputation in the field of exercise physiology with more than 100 cited scientific publications and more than 3,500 citations to those publications.

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Auburn University graduate programs rank high in U.S. News & World Report’s 2014 Best Online Education Programs

AUBURN UNIVERSITY – Online graduate programs in Auburn University’s College of Education, Raymond J. Harbert College of Business and Samuel Ginn College of Engineering are listed among the top programs nationally in the just released U.S. News and World Report’s 2014 Best Online Education Programs rankings.

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