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Auburn researchers make breakthrough discovery about evolution of spiders and their webs

A study by Auburn University researchers could overturn long-held paradigms about the evolution of spider webs.AUBURN UNIVERSITY – A group of Auburn researchers has published a study that could overturn some long-held paradigms regarding spider web evolution.

Because of similarities in behaviors associated with web construction and the complicated nature of the webs, it has long been thought that all orb-weaving spiders shared a common ancestor. The study shows that spiders that weave orb-shaped webs are not all closely related and that the orb web was likely not the pinnacle of web evolution.

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Auburn scientists design leading therapeutic drug in fight against Ebola virus

Auburn scientists design promising drug candidate to fight the deadly Ebola virusAUBURN UNIVERSITY—An Auburn University research team has produced a new drug candidate that could one day slow or even stop the deadly Ebola virus. The discovery will be published in an upcoming issue of the journal Bioorganic and Medicinal Chemistry.

The group, led by professor of chemistry and biochemistry Stewart Schneller, has designed a compound aimed at reversing the immune-blocking abilities of certain viruses, including Ebola.

“In simple terms, the Ebola virus has the ability to turn off the body’s natural immune response,” Schneller said. “We have made a small tweak in compound structure that will turn that response back on.”

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Auburn University opens unique, world-class plasma physics research laboratory today

AUBURN UNIVERSITY — Auburn’s College of Sciences and Mathematics introduced its one-of-a-kind Magnet Laboratory and 6, 000-pound superconducting magnet at an open house today.

The facility, housed in the Department of Physics, will support plasma physics research for Auburn University faculty and students, as well as national and international scientists who will come to Auburn to perform experimental and theoretical studies. The magnet will allow researchers to shape the structure of the magnetic field and as a result, to perform potentially ground-breaking experiments.

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Auburn scientists make ground-breaking discovery in the field of evolutionary study

Auburn University scientists have made a discovery that shakes the very foundation of the evolutionary study of the animal kingdom.AUBURN UNIVERSITY – Auburn University scientists have made a discovery that shakes the very foundation of the evolutionary study of the animal kingdom.

For more than a century, researchers have believed that sponges represented the earliest living lineages of the animal tree. Thanks to modern genomic sequencing techniques, scientists in Auburn’s College of Sciences and Mathematics discovered that ctenophores, or comb jellies, are actually at the base of the animal kingdom. The research results have been published in the journal Nature and can be read at this link: http://www.nature.com/nature/journal/vaop/ncurrent/full/nature13400.html

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SEC’s Auburn University Faculty Achievement Award presented to biological sciences professor

Geoff HillAUBURN UNIVERSITY – Auburn University and the Southeastern Conference announced today that Professor Geoffrey Hill of the College of Sciences and Mathematics has been honored with the SEC’s Auburn University Faculty Achievement Award for 2013-2014.

“The 2014 SEC Faculty Achievement Award winners are some of our nation’s most accomplished instructors, researchers and scholars,” said Dr. Jay Gogue, President of Auburn University and President of the Southeastern Conference. “It is my great pleasure to preside over an intercollegiate athletics conference that not only recognizes their work, but strives to support it as well.”

Hill, an Alumni Professor in the Department of Biological Sciences and curator of birds for the Auburn University Museum of Natural History, will receive a $5,000 honorarium and represent Auburn as the university’s nominee for the SEC Professor of the Year. The SEC Professor of the Year will be selected from 14 nominees representing each of the SEC universities.

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College of Sciences and Mathematics professor named Auburn Presidential Administrative Fellow

AUBURN UNIVERSITY – Michael Wooten, a professor in the College of Sciences and Mathematics Department of Biological Sciences, has been named Auburn University’s Presidential Administrative Fellow for 2014.

The fellowship program is designed to help individual faculty members gain senior administrative experience while applying their academic expertise to issues and programs that impact a broad segment of the university community.

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