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Auburn and Missouri students team up with ‘Tigers for Tigers’

Tigers for TigersAUBURN UNIVERSITY – Although rivals on the athletic field, students from Auburn University and the University of Missouri are working together to help save tigers in the wild through a conservation program called the National Tigers for Tigers Coalition. The coalition joins together academic institutions with tiger mascots to help spread awareness of the survival challenges tigers face, including habitat destruction, poaching and the pet trade.

“Tigers are such beautiful animals, and with it being our university’s mascot, and with Aubie being consistently ranked one of the best in the nation, it makes sense that Auburn students would work to help Aubie’s wild cousin, which is on the brink of extinction in its natural habitat,” said Ashley Newell, a senior in zoology/pre-veterinary medicine and a campus representative for Auburn’s Tigers for Tigers program.

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Fabian Cousteau to speak at Auburn University as part of ‘BLUE on Tour’ conservation festival

AUBURN – Fabien Cousteau, the grandson of the late ocean explorer Jacques Cousteau, will return to Auburn University on Saturday, March 5, to present the keynote address on restoration efforts along the Gulf coast and his new restoration non-profit organization, “Plant A Fish,” as part of the premiere of BLUE on Tour March 3-5.

Cousteau’s address will take place from 5:30 to 6 p.m. in the Sciences Center Auditorium, located at 315 Roosevelt Concourse, followed by a screening of the film, “America’s Underwater Treasures.” There will be a 30-minute question and answer session with Cousteau after the film at 7 p.m.

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