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Auburn, Rutgers and Purdue universities to study advanced power electronics with research grant

AUBURN UNIVERSITY  The II-VI Foundation will sponsor a three-year Cooperative Research Initiative between Auburn University, Rutgers University and Purdue University. With up to $1 million in funding, the initiative to study advanced power electronics is coordinated by John Williams, Auburn University professor emeritus of physics.

Williams has maintained longtime collaborations with Sarit Dhar, who is the primary Auburn investigator on the project, Leonard Feldman at Rutgers University and James Cooper at Purdue University. Those relationships, along with Williams’ experience and knowledge, made the collaboration possible.

The project is “SiO2/4H-SiC Interface -Optimization for Next Generation Power MOSFETs.” The initiative will support efforts in the realm of advanced power electronics development and, specifically, oxide semiconductor interface passivation studies for silicon carbide devices.

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