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New program gives Auburn University students a clearer picture of degree requirements, progress toward graduation

AUBURN UNIVERSITY – Auburn University is implementing Auburn DegreeWorks, a software program designed to help students and their advisers monitor progress toward graduation.

The program provides a comprehensive set of web-based academic advising, degree audit and course planning tools for students and their advisers in determining curriculum requirements.

Auburn DegreeWorks supports academic advising by combining the university’s degree requirements and a student’s completed coursework into a format that enables students to visualize those courses completed and what courses remain. It provides information on current curriculum, recommendations, academic standing, a GPA calculator and a list of conditions the student must meet for graduation. Students are alerted to unmet conditions when they log in, and advisers can enter notes when meeting with students, providing a progress report and course planning assistance. Exceptions and class substitutions can also be documented in the program.

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