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Food safety expert: Athens outbreak underscores importance of safeguarding against Salmonella

AUBURN UNIVERSITY – An Alabama Cooperative Extension System food safety specialist says that the recent salmonella outbreak that resulted in dozens of people reporting to the Athens-Limestone Hospital, in Athens, Ala., last weekend complaining of diarrhea, vomiting, cramps and fever is not only a reminder of the insidious nature of the potentially deadly pathogen, but also why people should take proactive steps to protect themselves from exposure.

Food safety specialist Jean Weese, an Auburn University professor of poultry science who heads Alabama Extension’s food safety team, said salmonella is insidious in terms of how readily it can infect food and ultimately people.

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New generations introduced to home food preservation by Alabama Extension System food safety team

AUBURN UNIVERSITY – Noting a growing interest in home food preservation, the Alabama Cooperative Extension System’s nine-member Food Safety Team is holding Master Food Preservation training throughout Alabama to introduce aspiring preservationists to the safest and most effective preservation methods.

Jean Weese, an Alabama Extension food safety specialist and Auburn University professor of poultry science, attributes the newfound interest in food preservation to the growing enthusiasm among many consumers for homegrown food and local farmers markets.

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Auburn awarded $14.4 million federal grant for science and commerce center

AUBURN – Auburn University will receive $14.4 million in federal stimulus funds for construction of a science, technology and commerce research facility, university officials announced today.

The competitive grant is from the U.S. Department of Commerce’s National Institute of Standards and Technology. It will aid Auburn researchers working on standards, measurements and forecasting related to food safety, bioenergy technologies, aquaculture development and sustainability, and water and environmental quality.

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