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Arts grants help Auburn University alumnae, faculty with current and future works

AUBURN UNIVERSITY – Fellowship grants from the Alabama State Council on the Arts will provide two Auburn University alumnae and a current faculty member with the means to foster current and future art projects.

Kyes Stevens, founder and director of the Alabama Prison Arts + Education Project, and Brooke Bullman, a writer from Huntsville, each earned a $5,000 fellowship in literature. Chuck Hemard, an associate professor of art at Auburn, received one of two $5,000 fellowships in media/photography.

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Alabama Prison Arts + Education Project earns grant to support art appreciation

AUBURN UNIVERSITY – The Alabama Prison Arts + Education Project has been awarded a $10,000 grant to support art appreciation in some of Alabama’s prisons.

The project, which is part of the Department of Human Development and Family Studies in the College of Human Sciences at Auburn University, is largely dependent on grants to support educational opportunities for those in prison. Director and founder Kyes Stevens said the grant from the Joan Mitchell Foundation marks the first time grant monies have been sought to specifically support the art appreciation course.

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Department of Defense awards Auburn University $3.2 million to research air filters for fuel cell systems

AUBURN – The Office of Naval Research in the U.S. Department of Defense has awarded a $3.2 million grant to Auburn University’s Center for Microfibrous Materials Manufacturing to study and develop advanced air filters for fuel cell systems. The center is housed in Auburn’s Samuel Ginn College of Engineering.

Bruce Tatarchuk, the center’s director and a faculty member in the Department of Chemical Engineering, said that the focus of the research is to enable fuel cell systems to better meet the needs and environments of Navy ships. He said contaminants found in the air on these ships, such as soot, smoke and products of diesel combustion, could damage the electrodes that exist inside a fuel cell system.

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Student engineers, scientists to explore sustainable energy solutions with $3 million NSF grant

AUBURN – The National Science Foundation has awarded Auburn University a $3 million, five-year grant to instruct doctoral students in the sustainable production of biofuels and chemicals. The grant, an Integrative Graduate Education and Research Traineeship, or IGERT, is the first awarded at Auburn.

The collaborative project, “IGERT: Integrated Biorefining for Sustainable Production of Fuels and Chemicals,” is led by Mario Eden, an associate professor of chemical engineering at Auburn.

“Exploring bioenergy is integral to Auburn’s strategic plan and the university is uniquely suited to lead this effort because of its established track record and expertise in biorefining research and education,” said Eden, the Joe T. and Billie Carole McMillan associate professor in Auburn’s Department of Chemical Engineering. “Auburn researchers are advancing the technologies that enable production of fuels and chemicals from a wide range of bioresource feedstocks.”

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Auburn receives $6.5 million from FDA to strengthen protection of food supply

AUBURN – The Food and Drug Administration recently selected Auburn University as a national food safety training center.

As concerns about food safety increase, the FDA is seeking to standardize training and create certifications for food inspectors at all levels. The Food Safety Modernization Act signed into law in January supports development of a national food protection training effort, and Auburn will receive $6.5 million during the five-year program.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimate that some 76 million people are sickened each year from contaminated food. More than 300,000 are hospitalized, and some 5,000 die.

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Auburn professor will expand research of dusty plasma with $2.1 million award

AUBURN – Edward Thomas, Auburn University physics professor and director of the Plasma Sciences Laboratory, has received a National Science Foundation award through the Major Research Instrumentation, or MRI, program, which he will use to further his research on the physics of dusty plasma.

The total amount awarded to Thomas is $2.1 million, which includes a 30 percent cost-sharing by Auburn University. This project represents one of the largest MRI projects ever awarded to Auburn University.

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