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Auburn nuclear program named the Alabama Power Nuclear Power Generation Systems program

AUBURN UNIVERSITY – Auburn University has named the Samuel Ginn College of Engineering’s nuclear power generation systems program in recognition of support from the Alabama Power Foundation and Southern Nuclear. The program, added last year to teach the next generation of plant engineers for the nuclear power generation industry, has been named the Alabama Power Nuclear Power Generation Systems program.

The program’s 17-hour minor curriculum offers students a hands-on opportunity to understand the industry’s licensing, engineering and basic construction requirements, processes and techniques. Power plant models, nuclear power integration into the national electrical grid and common reactor plant operations are also featured in five multidisciplinary courses that provide an overview of nuclear power generation system capabilities.

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Auburn University to host international workshop featuring nuclear fusion

AUBURN – The College of Sciences and Mathematics, or COSAM, will host the 2011 Atomic Data and Analysis Structure workshop today through Saturday at The Hotel at Auburn University and Dixon Conference Center. This year marks the first time the ADAS workshop has been held outside Europe.

The primary focus of the workshop will be using nuclear fusion to make electricity. The process produces no greenhouse gases and creates less radioactive material than nuclear fission and therefore fewer problems with storing nuclear waste. There are several large experiments underway worldwide and some of the presenters at the conference will discuss these experiments.

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Auburn’s Robicheaux part of antimatter research team featured in journal Nature Physics

AUBURN – Auburn University physics professor Francis Robicheaux is part of an international team of scientists, known as ALPHA, who made a scientific breakthrough last year by trapping and holding the antimatter version of the hydrogen atom. An article published in the June edition of the journal Nature Physics provides updated results of progress made in that research.

When the discovery was initially announced, the team had captured 38 atoms of antihydrogen, storing each for a mere sixth of a second. Since then, ALPHA has made significant progress by trapping 309 antihydrogen atoms, with some held for as long as 15 minutes. As a result of the longer holding times, the scientists are now able to work toward not only improved production of trappable anti-atoms but also the study of their dynamics.

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Auburn Engineering’s Kingsley honored with Nuclear Statesman Award

AUBURN – Oliver D. Kingsley Jr., associate dean in Auburn University’s Samuel Ginn College of Engineering, recently received the Henry DeWolf Smyth Nuclear Statesman Award for his contributions to public knowledge of nuclear energy. The award was established jointly by the American Nuclear Society and the Nuclear Energy Institute.

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