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Redevelopment of Toomer’s Corner to begin this spring; new trees to be planted in early 2015

Redesign, Phase 1AUBURN UNIVERSITY – The Auburn University Board of Trustees on Friday, Feb. 7, approved a plan to redevelop and enhance historic Toomer’s Corner. Work will begin this spring to replace the soil contaminated by the 2011 poisoning and finish with the planting of two new trees in early 2015.

This first phase of the Samford Park redevelopment also will feature the construction of a circular wall that will allow a larger number of visitors to sit and enjoy the area. Phase II of the project, which will be completed at a later date, will create a tree-lined walkway from the corner into Samford Lawn.

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Auburn University’s iconic oaks to be removed April 23

The Oaks at Toomer's CornerAUBURN UNIVERSITY – After two years of extraordinary efforts to save the poisoned Auburn Oaks at Toomer’s Corner, Auburn University plans to remove them on April 23, weather permitting.

The final opportunity for fans to roll the beloved Auburn Oaks will follow the A-Day football game April 20 when the university and City of Auburn host a “Celebrate the Tradition” block party.

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Auburn University planning final roll of the Oaks at Toomer’s Corner this April

The Oaks at Toomer's CornerAUBURN UNIVERSITY – Auburn University and the City of Auburn will host a “Celebrate the Tradition” block party at Toomer’s Corner on Saturday, April 20. The event will be held after the A-Day football game and will give fans one final opportunity to roll and photograph the beloved oak trees before the trees are removed.

A date for the trees’ removal has not been set.

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Auburn University Libraries creates unusual new collection: artifacts from Toomer’s Corner

Creed Tree: Monica Hooks width=AUBURN – When members of the Auburn Family learned the 130-year-old oaks at Toomer’s Corner had been poisoned and were not likely to survive, they responded with a spontaneous outpouring of both grief and high hopes for the health of the trees and the determination that the senseless crime would not break the Auburn spirit.

Many items were placed at the base of the oaks in tribute to what the historic trees have come to symbolize. They included personal articles, signs, get-well wishes from small children and moving tributes from current and former students. As efforts began in earnest to do everything possible to save the trees, the items had to be cleared away.

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Toomer’s Oaks seedlings assure that Auburn tradition will continue

AUBURN – While the future of Auburn’s 130-year-old Toomer’s Oaks is uncertain, Auburn has had a plan since 2001 to grow potential replacements and to supply alumni and fans with their own Toomer’s Oaks seedlings.

“Due to the age of the trees, we knew a day would come that new trees might be needed,” said Scott Enebak, professor of forestry. “We were anticipating sometime around 2020 at the earliest, but unfortunately the recent poisoning may create a new timetable. We are doing all we can to save the trees, but if the worst happens, we have a plan in place.”

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Auburn University determines next steps for Toomer’s oaks; asks fans not to roll the trees

AUBURN – Auburn University has formed a task force to help save its famed Toomer’s Corner oak trees, bringing together experts in horticulture, agronomy, civil engineering, forestry, chemistry and landscape services.

– The task force (members list here) asks fans not to roll Toomer’s Corner or walk in the bedding area, which could further harm the trees.

– On Friday afternoon, workers put a tarp over the bedding area to keep rainwater from going into the roots. A fence was constructed around the bedding area as well.

– Soil removal begins early next week, and more soil samples will be taken during the process to determine the concentration of the herbicide at different depths. A tent will be constructed over the dig area to contain dust.

– Civil engineers will install small cylinders to monitor the downward spread of herbicide.

Future actions will be based on results of these steps. Updates will be added to the Toomer’s Oaks webpage at www.auburn.edu/oaks as work continues.