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Auburn researcher part of team finding women’s primetime coverage less than men’s for Sochi Olympics

AUBURN UNIVERSITY – Through nine nights of NBC’s Sochi Olympic broadcast, male athletes have again received the bulk of the primetime coverage, but not by as large a margin as in past years.

Lauren Smith, an assistant professor in Auburn University’s School of Communication and Journalism in the College of Liberal Arts, along with a research team consisting of assistant professor James Angelini of the University of Delaware, professor Andrew Billings of the University of Alabama and associate professor Paul MacArthur of Utica College are charting the clock-time of the Olympic telecast. Thus far, male athletes have received 47.6 percent of NBC’s primetime coverage, women athletes have received 37.6 percent of the coverage and pairs events have received the remaining 14.8 percent.

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Auburn University’s Sport Biomechanics Lab helps Olympic athletes gain edge in the pool, on the track

AUBURN UNIVERSITY – As a lifelong sports enthusiast, Wendi Weimar will watch everything from soccer to gymnastics as athletes chase gold medal glory during the 2012 Summer Olympic Games. As a scientist, however, Weimar will in all likelihood notice nuances imperceptible to the typical TV viewer.

Weimar, an associate professor and director of the Sport Biomechanics Lab in the College of Education’s Department of Kinesiology, has worked with a number of Olympic athletes to refine their techniques and training methods to achieve faster times and better finishes. Several members of Auburn University’s 28-member Olympic contingent – comprised of 24 athletes and four coaches representing 13 countries – have enlisted Weimar’s assistance in recent years.

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Auburn would have ranked 14th among countries in Olympics

AUBURN – If Auburn University would have been its own country in the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, its 18 medals would have tied for 14th place in the world with Spain and Canada.

The university sent 31 current and former Auburn athletes to China and ranked sixth among U.S. universities according to an article by Forbes magazine. Tiger representatives hailed from 13 countries and competed in a total of 24 events.

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Auburn University professor helps ensure food safety for Olympics

Auburn University assistant professor Yifen Wang prepares to analyze slides of food samples in his biosystems engineering laboratory. Wang has served on the Beijing Olympic Food Safety Expert Committee since 2005.
AUBURN – With more than 10, 000 athletes and 22, 000-plus international journalists in Beijing, China, for the 2008 Summer Olympic Games, an Auburn University biosystems engineering assistant professor has played a pivotal role in helping ensure that the foods they are served are safe.

Auburn’s Yifen Wang is one of 15 food safety authorities on the Beijing Olympic Food Safety Expert Committee. This international group has been working since 2005 in establishing safety standards and setting up systems for food testing and monitoring, including a mobile laboratory.

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