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Auburn professor will expand research of dusty plasma with $2.1 million award

AUBURN – Edward Thomas, Auburn University physics professor and director of the Plasma Sciences Laboratory, has received a National Science Foundation award through the Major Research Instrumentation, or MRI, program, which he will use to further his research on the physics of dusty plasma.

The total amount awarded to Thomas is $2.1 million, which includes a 30 percent cost-sharing by Auburn University. This project represents one of the largest MRI projects ever awarded to Auburn University.

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Auburn researcher part of team to trap and hold anti-hydrogen atoms for the first time

AUBURN – An international team of scientists including Auburn University physics professor Francis Robicheaux has trapped and held the antimatter version of the hydrogen atom for the first time in history. The team’s breakthrough could test fundamental physics. The journal Nature published the results of the experiment Nov. 17.

“This breakthrough is significant because it’s the first time we’ve been able to hold the atomic form of antimatter. We’re now gearing up to perform high-precision experiments on these anti-atoms,” Robicheaux said. “We’re closer to learning the very basic behavior of antimatter and why the universe is made of matter.”

The lack of antimatter in the universe remains one of the biggest mysteries of science.

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