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Auburn University researchers study wicked weed’s role in pine decline

AUBURN – A team of Auburn University scientists has been awarded a $494,000 grant from the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s National Institute of Food and Agriculture to search for possible links between cogongrass and pine decline – two biological phenomena that pose serious threats to Alabama, both ecologically and economically.

The researchers, led by College of Agriculture invasive plant specialist Stephen Enloe, want to determine whether the rapid spread of cogongrass across Alabama is increasing pine trees’ susceptibility to pine decline, a syndrome that is jeopardizing the health and survivability of loblolly pine plantations statewide.

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Auburn University’s new Center for Longleaf Pine Ecosystems a resource for the Southeast

AUBURN – Southeastern landowners interested in converting their land into longleaf pine forests for the economic and environmental benefits now have an important resource for information and services in the recently created Center for Longleaf Pine Ecosystems in Auburn University’s School of Forestry and Wildlife Sciences.

There is growing recognition by Alabama landowners of the economic, ecological and recreational returns from longleaf pine forests and in the last 10 years longleaf pine acreage in Alabama has increased by 60 percent.

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