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Auburn’s PLUS scholarship program gets boost from Wachovia donation

AUBURN – The Provost Leadership Undergraduate Scholarship, or PLUS, Program at Auburn University received its largest gift ever, a $250,000 donation from the Wachovia Wells Fargo Foundation. The program recently received national recognition when Auburn was named Scholarship Provider of the Year at the 2009 National Scholarship Providers Association Annual Conference for creating the PLUS Program.

The PLUS Program provides a $2,000 annual scholarship to recipients, renewable for up to three years, as well as additional support that makes it more than a scholarship program. PLUS focuses on the recruitment and retention of talented first-generation college students and also benefits those with financial need or from diverse backgrounds. PLUS Scholarships have been awarded to a total of 125 incoming undergraduate students since its inception in 2006. For the current academic year, 75 students have been awarded a scholarship or are participating in the program.

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