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Auburn poultry scientists link enzyme level to green muscle disease

AUBURN UNIVERSITY – After more than a decade of research into an increasingly common and costly broiler condition known as green muscle disease, a team of poultry scientists at Auburn University has identified a blood enzyme that could give breeders a noninvasive tool to screen birds for susceptibility to the disease.

Elevated levels of the enzyme, creatine kinase, can signal muscle breakdown and damage. In humans, high levels of the enzyme in the blood can be indicators of heart attack, muscular dystrophy, acute renal failure and other serious muscle conditions. In broilers, they indicate the development of green muscle disease.

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Production under way at Auburn’s new $7.1 million Poultry and Animal Nutrition Center

AUBURN UNIVERSITY – Auburn University’s new $7.1 million Poultry and Animal Nutrition Center, a state-of-the-art academic and research feed production facility located on a 50-acre site north of the main campus, officially opened Friday, Nov. 16, with a ribbon-cutting ceremony led by university administrators and representatives of the poultry and feed mill industries.

“The new Poultry and Animal Nutrition Center at Auburn is the result of a great partnership between the university and agribusiness,” Auburn President Jay Gogue said.

The feed mill has had strong industry support since plans began taking shape in early 2008, when a technical advisory committee that included poultry nutritionists and feed mill personnel was formed to provide input on the facility’s design and equipment. Thus far, more than 40 corporations have donated to the facility, including $750,000 in equipment.

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Software program developed at Auburn to manage poultry litter could protect watersheds

AUBURN – An ecological engineer at Auburn University has developed a Web-based computer software program that could lead to cleaner water in Alabama’s top poultry-producing region and greener pastures in the Black Belt.

Associate professor Puneet Srivastava’s provisionally patented Poultry Litter Decision Support System is a user-friendly online program designed to help poultry producers develop comprehensive nutrient management plans for poultry litter storage and use of the nutrient-rich waste material to fertilize their pastures and farmland.

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