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Auburn scientists use laying hens to study fibroid tumors

Auburn University poultry scientist Wallace Berry is using the laying hen as an experimental model in his research on fibroid tomors.AUBURN UNIVERSITY – An estimated 70 percent of women in the United States develop fibroid tumors in the uterus by age 50, and while the noncancerous tumors cause no symptoms for the majority of those women, they make life miserable for tens of thousands of others.

Within his own family, Wallace Berry has seen the pain and distress that uterine fibroids can inflict, and in his newest research undertaking, the Auburn University poultry scientist aims to use his findings to help reduce the incidence and severity of fibroid tumors.

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Auburn, Wallace State in Hanceville partner for program in poultry science

AUBURN UNIVERSITY – Alabama’s most profitable agricultural industry is the focus of a new partnership between Auburn University and Wallace State Community College in Hanceville. The partnership is designed to open more career doors in a part of the state where much of the poultry industry is concentrated.

Students in the program will complete their freshman and sophomore years at Wallace State and their junior and senior years at Auburn, completing a bachelor’s degree in poultry science.

“This is an excellent opportunity not only for Auburn and for Wallace State but for the state of Alabama,” said William Batchelor, dean of Auburn’s College of Agriculture. “Poultry is our state’s leading agricultural resource. It’s an industry of great economic importance to us, and it’s an industry offering excellent career paths for students. We’re grateful to our friends at Wallace State for helping make this partnership possible.”
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Auburn’s food science program joins Department of Poultry Science

AUBURN – In a strategic move to strengthen its efforts in the discipline of food science and technology, Auburn University has administratively moved its food science program from the College of Human Sciences back into the College of Agriculture, its original academic home.

The Auburn University Board of Trustees approved the move at its June 18 meeting. Within the College of Agriculture, the food science program will become a formal part of the Department of Poultry Science, effective in August. Three food science faculty members – Leonard Bell, Tung-Shi Huang and Jean Weese – will become part of the department, and the food science teaching program will become an option within the poultry science curriculum.

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