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Auburn University releasing new ‘Auburn Speaks: On Food Systems’ book during Research Week

Auburn Speaks book coverAUBURN UNIVERSITY — Auburn University will release its new book, “Auburn Speaks: On Food Systems,” during the university’s third annual Research Week. A panel discussion with the editors, writers and researchers is set for April 17 from 10 to 11:30 a.m. at The Hotel at Auburn University and Dixon Conference Center.

“The book traces the university’s exceptional food-related research across many disciplines,” said John Mason, Auburn’s vice president for research and economic development. “Each year we select a topic that captures Auburn’s land-grant role in addressing the increasingly complex issues facing our state, nation and world.”

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Food Defense Begins with Food Intelligence

Food DefenseBy Bob Norton

Consumers have largely lost an understanding of the traditional sources of food (such as farms, fields, ranches and orchards) and now tend to think of food’s origin as the grocery store or the fast-food restaurant. America has moved so far away from its agrarian past that most people cannot produce for themselves even the most simply grown foods.

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We Can’t BBQ Our Way Out of This One

Wild PigsBy Mark D. Smith and Stephen S. Ditchkoff

Wild pigs, frequently referred to as feral swine or feral hogs, have been in North American for a long time—since the late 1500s, in fact, when the first wild pigs were introduced by Europeans. Since that time, small isolated populations have persisted throughout the Southeast, whether from accidental escapes from swine production operations or remnants from the bygone days of free-ranging domestic swine. In the last 20 or so years, these wild pigs have steadily increased their range and numbers in Alabama and throughout the United States, where they are now found in 47 states.

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Auburn water researchers using bees to help Kenya with nutrition, income and river protection

AUBURN UNIVERSITY – In Kenya, traditional cultures place a high value on honey and related products of the beehive – in the past it was part of the dowry or “bride price” for marriage, and a man needed to have at least 20 liters of choice honey to present to a prospective father-in-law when asking for his daughter’s hand.

More than just a tradition, this commodity could be the key to improving many aspects of Kenyan lives.

Auburn University’s Global Water Watch has joined with Kenya’s Green Belt Movement to find innovative ways of linking honey production with improved nutrition, higher incomes, community development and river protection.

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Auburn’s 2014 Research Week features award-winning food author Shirley Corriher and top Auburn researchers April 14-17

AUBURN UNIVERSITY – Award-winning food author and biochemist Shirley Corriher will be among the speakers highlighting Auburn University’s 2014 Research Week April 14-17, an event that showcases top faculty and student research and creative scholarship. The week’s focus will be on food systems, safety and security, but also will feature many other disciplines.

Corriher’s keynote address, “The Secret Life of Food,” will be held Wednesday, April 16, from 6 to 7 p.m. at The Hotel at Auburn University and Dixon Conference Center. She is a consultant on the television show, Good Eats, and her books, “BakeWise” and “CookWise,” each won the James Beard Award, one of the top awards for food and beverage professionals in North America. Her publications have received high acclaim from Real Simple and Cooking Light magazines as well.

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Auburn’s Research Week 2014 set for April 14-17 with focus on food systems, safety and security

AUBURN UNIVERSITY – Auburn University has scheduled its third annual Research Week for April 14-17, 2014, at The Hotel at Auburn University and Dixon Conference Center, announced by John Mason, vice president for research and economic development.

“The principal theme is food systems, safety and security, but the week will also include great creative and scholarly research in almost all disciplines across the Auburn main campus and the Auburn Montgomery campus,” Mason said.

Faculty, graduate and undergraduate researchers will speak and present posters on food research; cyber security; energy and the environment; health sciences; transportation; Gulf research and restoration; gender-based research; infrastructure; sustainability; fine and applied art; social sciences; humanities; the STEM disciplines of science, technology, engineering and mathematics; and many more.

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