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Auburn University team receives FAA research grant to study Unmanned Aerial Systems

AUBURN – The Federal Aviation Administration has awarded Auburn University researchers a $300,000 research grant for safety-related analyses of Unmanned Aerial Systems. The project is an interdisciplinary effort of the College of Business, the Samuel Ginn College of Engineering and the College of Sciences and Mathematics.

Unmanned Aerial Systems are becoming more common in both military and civilian applications. Civil and commercial operations have shown increased interest in UASs because of their versatility and relatively low cost of operation. Because of the expanded use of UASs, plans are underway to integrate them into the National Aerospace System.

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Auburn University and City of Auburn to kick off transportation safety campaign Monday

AUBURN – Auburn University and the City of Auburn are sponsoring a joint safety and alternative transportation campaign, “Travel With Care,” April 5-9. With its tagline of “However you go, go safely,” the campaign will encourage motorists, cyclists, pedestrians, transit riders and all travelers to obey the rules of the road to ensure their safety and the safety of fellow travelers.

Auburn University President Jay Gogue, Mayor Bill Ham Jr. and members of the community will be on hand Monday, April 5, at 11:15 a.m. at Toomer’s Corner for the campaign kickoff.

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Primary purposes for Auburn University stimulus funds to be student support and learning

AUBURN – Auburn University has identified programs that $25.9 million in stimulus funds from the federal government will support once released by Gov. Bob Riley.

The majority of the funds will support student learning, safety and other enhancements, as well as teaching. The intent is to enhance the experience of the entire student body, which for fiscal year 2010 has reached 24,602.

“It would have taken a 26 percent tuition increase to cover the gap created by the dramatic decrease in state appropriations for fiscal year 2010,” said Don Large, Auburn University executive vice president. “The promise of stimulus funding allowed us to mitigate that by using the majority of funds to improve student services.”

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Auburn University professor helps ensure food safety for Olympics

Auburn University assistant professor Yifen Wang prepares to analyze slides of food samples in his biosystems engineering laboratory. Wang has served on the Beijing Olympic Food Safety Expert Committee since 2005.
AUBURN – With more than 10, 000 athletes and 22, 000-plus international journalists in Beijing, China, for the 2008 Summer Olympic Games, an Auburn University biosystems engineering assistant professor has played a pivotal role in helping ensure that the foods they are served are safe.

Auburn’s Yifen Wang is one of 15 food safety authorities on the Beijing Olympic Food Safety Expert Committee. This international group has been working since 2005 in establishing safety standards and setting up systems for food testing and monitoring, including a mobile laboratory.

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