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Auburn researchers show state’s tax revenues down 13 percent from last year

AUBURN – Auburn University’s Center for Governmental Services has unveiled its analysis of newly released U.S. Census Bureau data showing that during the current recession Alabama’s tax revenues have declined slightly less than the 14.2 percent average falloff for the nine Southeastern states.

The most recent data show that Alabama’s total tax revenues in the second quarter of 2009, collected from all sources, declined by 13 percent versus the same quarter in 2008. Alabama’s falloff was greater than that of Arkansas at minus 5 percent; Mississippi at minus 9 percent; Tennessee at minus 11 percent; and Florida at minus 12 percent. Alabama’s decline in tax revenue was exceeded by those of Georgia at minus 17 percent; Louisiana at minus 18 percent; South Carolina at minus 21 percent; and North Carolina at minus 22 percent.

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