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Auburn University automotive lab teaches manufacturing using Legos

Lego Lab 4AUBURN – Lego sculptures have entered our shared cultural experience, whether they are created by a 3-year-old building his first space ship, or a serious artist using millions of blocks to create a one-of-a-kind installation on a grand scale.

At Auburn University, Legos are being used to design and build vehicles, but with a twist. These vehicles can be produced at a rate of 70 cars per hour in the Samuel Ginn College of Engineering’s new automotive manufacturing systems laboratory, located on the ground floor of the Shelby Center.

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Auburn University College of Engineering to add nuclear power minor this fall

AUBURN – Auburn University’s Samuel Ginn College of Engineering will add a 17-hour nuclear power generation systems minor to its curriculum this fall to prepare the next generation of plant engineers for the nuclear power generation industry.

The program will offer students a hands-on opportunity to understand the industry’s licensing, engineering and basic construction requirements, processes and techniques. Power plant models, nuclear power integration into the national electrical grid and common reactor plant operations are also featured.

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