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Primary purposes for Auburn University stimulus funds to be student support and learning

AUBURN – Auburn University has identified programs that $25.9 million in stimulus funds from the federal government will support once released by Gov. Bob Riley.

The majority of the funds will support student learning, safety and other enhancements, as well as teaching. The intent is to enhance the experience of the entire student body, which for fiscal year 2010 has reached 24,602.

“It would have taken a 26 percent tuition increase to cover the gap created by the dramatic decrease in state appropriations for fiscal year 2010,” said Don Large, Auburn University executive vice president. “The promise of stimulus funding allowed us to mitigate that by using the majority of funds to improve student services.”

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Auburn awarded $14.4 million federal grant for science and commerce center

AUBURN – Auburn University will receive $14.4 million in federal stimulus funds for construction of a science, technology and commerce research facility, university officials announced today.

The competitive grant is from the U.S. Department of Commerce’s National Institute of Standards and Technology. It will aid Auburn researchers working on standards, measurements and forecasting related to food safety, bioenergy technologies, aquaculture development and sustainability, and water and environmental quality.

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